Coming out at separate times, however, looking like twins has served well for the younger brother of Paul Walker, Cody Walker. The 27-year-old, following his brother’s tragic death, was the Furious 7 fill-in and the reason the film was released.

Cody will now star in his own major acting role, from start to finish, in the upcoming film, USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage.

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USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, the Mario Van Peebles-directed film will star Walker as well as Nicholas Cage as Captain Charles McVay.

According to Deadline:

McVay, the commander who struggled to keep his men alive after their boat–on a secret mission to deliver parts of the atom bomb Little Boy that was dropped on Hiroshima–was hit by a torpedo and sank in 12 minutes. Most of its men were eaten by sharks as they waited four days for rescue.

There were 1,196 men who stepped on the boat, while only 316 survived the infested waters. Walker will be playing one of the Navy men who battles with survival and his loyalty to a chaplain, and the other men trying to stay alive.

Check out Cody, Paul and Caleb, the Walker brothers, in the gallery above.

Congratulations Cody!