IFWT Ray Allen

It has definitely been a while since we last saw Ray Allen on t.v so it was good to see him in attendance for the BET Player’s Awards. Tonight, BET honored Ray with the very first NBA Man Of The Year Award.


Many of us may have saw the commercial featuring Ray Allen, his wife, and his son Walker and in that commercial he was promoting diabetes awareness. After his son Walker was diagnosed with the disease, Ray has made many efforts to shed light on the sickness and has donated many dollars to the cause.

BET clearly took note of his pro-activeness in bringing awareness to the disease and as a result, they awarded him for his efforts. Surprisingly, President Obama sent in a video to give praise to Ray as well and to commend him on his ‘Ray Of Hope’ charity! That is definitely a big deal and when the camera was on him, he actually looked like he was going to shed a tear.

Ray Allen ‘NBA Man Of The Year’…

Unfortunately, it does not seem like Ray will be making a come back to the league. During his acceptance speech, he spoke to current players in the league saying, “…as you all move through your careers, remember that…” and that seemed like a big inclination to me. Maybe I’m reading too deep into his words–probably not–but it definitely does not sound too promising.

As a Celtic fan, I guess I can’t be too mad. He was part of the team that won us a Chip; however, I’m sure he has a lot left in the tank!