IFWT_Jets fly banner

The New York Jets might be having trouble on the field but trolling the New England Patriots is one thing they’re good at and their favorite past time.  The Jets decided to poke fun at their AFC East rival by flying a funny banner over their practice field on Thursday morning.

“CHEATERS LOOK UP”, is what flew over the Patriots practice field this morning.  @JetsFanMedia paid a plane to fly the banner in lieu of the deflategate drama.

The Patriots were fined $1 million and Tom Brady was suspended for four games after it was revealed that the footballs used in the AFC Championship game were deflated.  Brady and the NFLPA are currently taking the league to federal court to fight the suspension.

Unfortunately cheating and the Patriots are becoming synonymous.  Way before deflategate, there was spygate as you know.  In 2007, the Patriots were caught illegally taping sideline defensive signals from Jets coaches during the teams’ opening week matchup.  Of course Jets fans haven’t forgotten about that and I’m sure it factored into the banner they flew this morning.

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