Dr. Dre
King Mez Talks About What It’s Like To Ghostwrite For Dr. Dre. Hop into the post for all the details! #IFWT!

Every since Meek Mill recently accused Drake of not writing his own rhymes, people have kept there eyes open about the whole concept of “Ghostwriting.” Brought up more then ever in the past few years, people want to know if it really matters anymore. Is it ok or is it fraud? Well thankfully, Rapper and producer King Mez was happy to detail what it is like to ghostwrite verses of Dr. Dre on his last album “Compton.”

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King Mez is co-credited with most of Dr. Dre’s verses on “Compton”. He described the peculiar stress of writing songs for Dr. Dre.

His Exact words were:

“Every time I’d record, he’d say, ‘Say it more like this,’ or ‘Say it more like that’,” Mez told the website. “I’m telling you, I did thousands of takes for [Compton]. We went over nearly every word. The line on ‘Deep Water’ that goes ‘These niggas won’t let up until they all wet up’ is like a just-offbeat, stutter-type rap. We must have went over that 100 times at his beach house.”

King Mez compares the Compton legend to NBA Coach Phil Jackson. His exact words were :

“He coached my voice into sounding like what he wanted his voice to sound like on every song,” Mez recalls. “It was like method acting, in a way: You put yourself in the perspective of someone else for an elongated period of time. So much so that when it was time to start working on my own music again, it was weird for a little while.

Didn’t get a chance to listen to “Compton” ? Well your really missing out! Make sure you pick that up on Apple Music Or ITunes! #IFWT!