Ghostface Denies Involvement In Popa Wu Confronting Action Bronson. Hop into the post for all the details! #IFWT!

Recently a photo surfaced of Wu-Tang affiliate Popa Wu confronting Action Bronson at Sean Price’s wake, and many presumed that they were speaking about Bronson’s recent feud with Ghostface Killah. Ghotsface on the other hand denied that he had any involvement In the OG pressing Action Bronson.

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Ghostace Killah Tweeted out. “Nuff respect to Sean price family, my condolences. That thing that happen yesterday wasn’t my work, I never sent the wolves on him.” After Ghost denied sending Popa Wu out to get at Action Bronson, Popa Wu spoke out on the situation on Instagram.

Here is his side of the story:

“Peace I want everybody to know out there from this picture that you see all that you seen that everybody’s trying to put out there that I disrespect Shawn p.wake kno that not me. me @ action Bronson never got into nothing I was actually standing talking to him like a father to a son I got sunz his age they brought him over to me and said do you know who this is he said no I said Popawu that’s y his Face look like that I never yelled at that brother I was jus letting him no how real life is that all cause I’m no Savage I’m a righteous man I would never harm 2 no young brother i don’t give a Fuk if u are black Brown yellow white half original Or red that’s not me so if u really want 2 here the truth about wat happen hit me up Peace @ Luv Popawu!!!”

Check Out the video clip of Pop Wu confronting Action Bronson at Sean PRice’s wake about Ghostface Killah by clicking HERE!!!

We don’t know exactly how all of this is going to turn out but we can definitely all agree that this should have been seen coming a mile away. Hop into the gallery to see for yourself! #IFWT!