IFWT_Stephen Jackson 1

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson says he is by far the best NBA rapper beating out guys like Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant.  He even calls out Kobe as being horrible.

Jackson’s been focused on his rap career for years, and while he hasn’t had a breakthrough hit song yet, he still believes his skills put all other NBA ballers to shame.

He’s got plenty of comp these days — with guys like Damian Lillard, Lou Williams and Lance Stephenson all laying down tracks.

Jackson gives a couple of those guys props saying he rocks with Lillard, Williams and Marquis Daniels as the only NBA rappers he listens to.  It’s odd he doesn’t listen to Kevin Durant since the two did a track together.  Must’ve slipped his mind…

Jackson also says you can put him in front of any rapper and he can hold his own.

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