Around 6AM this morning in Staten Island, U.S. Marshals were attempting to serve an arrest warrant on alleged East Coast Blood leader, Tyree ‘Murder’ Garland for violating terms of parole but a shootout took place instead. Marshals were not able to complete the arrest after Garland opened fire on them with an assault rifle and set his house on fire!


The Marshals and Tyree were in a standoff since 6 o’clock this morning when they attempted to complete their arrest. At some point this morning, Garland posted on Facebook, “Today I die,” and that alone should let you know how real the situation got. After posting that message to his account, it is said that Garland then set his house on fire at which point FDNY showed up and attempted to put it out. Garland opened fire on FDNY and ultimately struck one fighter twice.

Despite having a troubled past and many run-ins with the law, it seems that Garland was attempting to change his life. He authored a children’s book titled ‘The Trey Way’ which talks about the risks of leading a life of crime. In a post on Facebook, Garland says he was the CEO of Real Write Publishing but unfortunately, according to officials, he was still associating with gang members and that was a violation of parole terms.

Following his shootout with Marshals and FDNY, reports are indicating that he was found inside of his home with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. From people on the scene, some recall him as being a troubled man and he allegedly had schizophrenia. One man says he was most likely off his meds an this was just another day when he snapped.

To me, however, after looking at his previous arrests, it seems like the idea of going back to jail was not sitting well with him. His most recent jail release was just last year in 2014 for violating terms on sentence when he was released in 2012.