In the world of Hip Hop, many onlookers are asking one question. Can’t we all just get along? Well, Birdman poses in front of Lil Wayne poster in attempts to squash beef!

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There has been ALOT going on between Birdman and Lil Wayne these past months. Just a month ago, Birdman was was spotted wearing apparel that converted YMCMB to CMRG. This can be encoded easily. Basically, things got worse for the two. To make the situation even more chaotic, diss tracks have been recorded and drinks have been thrown! Crazy! Hopefully, the Hip Hop community is not egging on this feud.

Shockingly, today, The YMCMB big Boss posed in front of a Lil Wayne poster. This flick went viral across the gram. Birdman added a caption that read:

“4 Life LFLS YMCMB.”

This is definetly a sign form heaven, Birdman wants to finally make peace with Wayne. Hopefully, Wayne will accept his apology. It’s only a matter of time. What do you guys think? Do you predict a peaceful future for these two? Do you think Wayne will accept Birdman’s apology? It’s only right. let’s pray that these two rappers will make peace for the Hip Hop community.We will see!

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