Instagram sensation ‘The Fat Jew’ is on his way to becoming a true celebrity, and what makes for a better celebrity then a little bit of drama and controversy. The Fat Jew, who’s real name is Josh Ostrovsky was named one of the “most influential people on the Internet” by TIME this year, he’s been making waves with his hilarious IG account (@TheFatJewish) which he has over 5.6 million followers, as well as a book deal, promotional deal with big names like Burger King as well as his very own Beats 1 station. Recently, he’s been under attack for stealing jokes and marketing them as his own.

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Last week, after ‘The Fat Jew’ signed to top talent agency in Hollywood, CAA a firestorm erupted around him in regards to plagiarism. Comedian’s are not please with the IG funny man and a demanded to be credited for their material.

One screenwriter,Maura Quint’s PSA about Ostrovsky went viral and said,

“For those of you who don’t know, this guy, The Fat Jew is someone whose entire career is simply stealing jokes from tumblr, twitter, etc. He is making a living off of the hard work of other people. The people he steals from are struggling writers, comedians, etc. They would love to be able to profit from THEIR OWN WORK but can’t because this complete waste of a person is monetizing their words before they even have a chance to. When called out on his continued theft he either ignores it, says “whoops” or says “geez I guess an intern stole it!” This man makes nothing, contributes nothing, originates nothing, he is a leech, he is a virus, he is what is wrong with the world. Please please please do not support him. He is pure trash.”

Comedy Central has already dropped Ostrovsky and no longer have plans to work with him. However, Ostrovsky has yet to make a statement regarding the accusations.

What do you think about the situation? Should the Fat Jew be forced to credit the material on Instagram? Sound off in the comments.

Source EW