From the shooting from a police raid in St Louis. Protesters took matters into their own hands for justice of the 18 year old boy that died in the shooting earlier Wednesday. The police department felt the protestors where threats, and would harm them so they used tear gas on the protestors. As well as nine arrest.

Earlier today, Wednesday, protestors started to gather at intersections and run away once the police arrived then come back to the intersection when they left the scene. Protestors where protesting the fatal shooting death of an 18 year old boy by officers that happened earlier today.

Dotson, Chief of St. Louis police said, two young men ran out of the back of a house when authorities arrived to carry out a search warrant.

“Officers in the rear alley ordered them to stop and to drop the gun. As they rain, one of the individuals turned and pointed the gun at the officers. There were two officers in the alley. Both officers fired.”

The suspect who allegedly pointed a gun at the officers was struck, and pronounced dead at the scene, 18 year old whose name has not been released yet.

This started up the protest at the intersection of Walton and Page. Arrest where made which made people move to the curb side and remain peaceful for a short time. Once the officers left the protesters returned and marched on Interstate 70 blocking it and going back to the intersection. This time the officers came back the protesters start getting violent, by throwing bricks at them. A car was also set on fire.

Dotson added,

“There’s a line that gets crossed from peacefully protesting, which we will support to when laws are broken. Police officers have to do their job.”

Today Dotson felt it was his job to tear gas the crowd to stop the violence.

“At that point, after the crowd ignored repeated request and directions, inert smoke was used. After that did not have an effect tear gas was used.”

Dotson told the news reporters.

One of the suspects from the house raid is still on the loose. No names have been released as of yet.

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