(18+ Graphic Video) Chicago Police Body Cam Footage Released Of The Shooting Of An Unarmed Black 18-Year-Old

The Chicago Police Department has released video footage showing the July 28th police shooting incident of 18-year-old Paul O’Neal. In the video footage you can hear police officers cursing and shouting obscenities at O’Neal. The victims arm appear limp as he was handcuffed by police officers. The fatal shooting was not captured in the videos that were released but, but you can hear police firing shots.

(Photos) UPDATE: One Of The Baton Rouge,La Shooters Has Been Identified

One of the possible three suspects involved in the Baton Rouge, LA shooting has been identified as Gavin Long. Long was from Kansas City, Missouri and Sunday was his 29th birthday.

San Antonio: Shots Fired At Police Head Quarters

Gun fire hit the side of a police head quarters in San Antonio. Upon inspecting the area bullet marks were found on the wall outside as well as there were shell casings found on the of the alley. There are reports of a suspect allegedly fleeing from the alley soon after the shots were fired. The reports are being investigated by Chief of Police William McManus.

(Video) Driver Shot in Jersey City After Dragging A Police Offer

A Jersey City driver was shot in the head after he dragged a Jersey City officer with his vehicle in early Thursday. According to authorities reports, around 1AM two officers pulled over a stolen vehicle near the corner of Martin Luther King Drive and Virginia Avenue. As the officers approached the vehicle the driver took off, dragging one of the officers a short distance. While being dragged by the vehicle, the officer was able to pull out his gun and shot the driver. The driver was struck in the head. Both the driver and the officer were taken to Jersey City Medical Center and are expected to recover. Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the incident and names of the driver or the officers have yet to be released.

(Video) Father Of Slain Chicago College Student Breaks Down In Tears During Interview With CNN

Over the weekend Chicago police officers were responsible for the deaths of two individuals while responding to a domestic dispute. 19-year-old Quintonio Legrier was shot and killed by officers after his father called 911 to help diffuse a situation between the two; his neighbor Bettie Jones was killed in the crossfire. Authorities have taken full responsibility for the accidental shooting of Jones, but have released a statement justifying the murder of Legrier. Legrier’s father, who called the police, sat down with CNN barely able to make out full sentences as he attempted to describe how he expected for the situation to turn out and what actually happened.

(Video) Chief Keef Reacts To Death Of 19 Year-Old Shot By San Francisco Police “We Need To Kill All Law Enforcement”

Far too often this year we have had to report the tragic deaths of young people at the hands of the police. The most recent event took place Wednesday (December 2) in San Francisco, where a 19 year-old man was fatally shot on the sidewalk after police asked him to drop a weapon.

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