Over the weekend Chicago police officers were responsible for the deaths of two individuals while responding to a domestic dispute. 19-year-old Quintonio Legrier was shot and killed by officers after his father called 911 to help diffuse a situation between the two; his neighbor Bettie Jones was killed in the crossfire. Authorities have taken full responsibility for the accidental shooting of Jones, but have released a statement justifying the murder of Legrier. Legrier’s father, who called the police, sat down with CNN barely able to make out full sentences as he attempted to describe how he expected for the situation to turn out and what actually happened.

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Since the shootings the Legrier family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Chicago PD and have hired a lawyer to represent them in seeking justice for Quintonio.

See his father’s heart felt interview below.

The teen was holding a bat, which posed no REAL threat to officers who reportedly stood 20-30 feet away from him at the time of his murder. Drawing your weapon should be the final option, NOT the first and had officers followed proper protocol Quintonio may still be here. Prayers and condolences to the victim’s families and hopefully they will receive the restitution they deserve.

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