Glen “Big Baby” Davis is currently a free agent with no team. Based on these comments he may be trying to work himself back into the Clippers organization. Davis says if the Clippers had faced the Warriors in this past season’s playoffs that Golden State would have never made it to the Finals.


Davis almost answers with a tone of how could the reporter even ask him that. It’s cool for him to be confident but I don’t think anyone would agree with this:

“We would’ve beat Golden State, we would’ve beat Golden State. And I think the reason why is because Blake Griffin — who’s going to guard Blake Griffin? You got these little 4s, range-shooting 4s; Blake’s 6-9, he’s a true power forward. And then also he can play around the perimeter. It’s hard to stop that when you’re playing smallball.”

Davis talks about a few more things as well but this same Clippers team gave up a 3-1 series lead to the Rockets. No chance in hell they were beating the Warriors in a series.