Wiz Khalifa gets slammed on the ground by cops during arrest.

Wiz Khalifa was in the airport on a hoverboard when he was confronted by police. The cops seemingly wanted Wiz to ditch the board and when he refused things began to escalate. In the footage below Wiz is seen talking to the cops in what seems to be the beginning of their encounter. The following video shows the rapper on the floor with about 5 cops on top of him. They yell at him to stop resisting arrest while Wiz tells them that he is not resisting.

Wiz posted footage of the encounter to his Instagram and Twitter. He stood by his decision to not get rid of the board as he states that these boards will be very common in the upcoming months and is the future of this generation.

Watch the footage below and check out the gallery to see what Wiz had to say.

A video posted by IFWTea (@inflexwetrust) on

A video posted by IFWTea (@inflexwetrust) on

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