As you already know, one of the least likely athletes to be caught up in some scandal is currently having his name dragged through the mud. It remains to be seen if these allegations have any merit but Derrick Rose has came out and made a statement regarding the alleged rape of an ex-girlfriend.


The report alleges that the woman, identified as Jane Doe, dated Rose from 2011-13, and the assault occurred after she rebuffed Rose’s overtures for group sex in August of 2013. The woman claims she was drugged and gang raped by Rose and his two friends but in the full police report, there are also multiple “John doe’s” listed as individuals who are accused as well.

In the report, there is at least one red flag from the woman because she claimed to be in Chicago in May of 2013 to see Rose play but at that time he wasn’t playing because of injury. Again, that doesn’t mean her story is false but I hope whoever is investigating this accusation is really doing their due diligence.

Rose’s lawyer has already came out and called this nothing but an attempt at a cash grab and she has been trying this for a couple years now, going through multiple lawyers. Rose himself also has now released a short statement:

I am just focusing on staying healthy and getting ready for the season. I am not going to comment other than to say – I know the truth, and am confident I will be proven innocent.

The Bulls released the following statement:

We just learned about this matter and do not know all the facts. It would be inappropriate to comment further.