It seems like 50 cent knows how to keep his name in the headlines. Whether its about how much money he has or does not have, to him bullying other artist and brands. Not a care in the world and never a filter on his thoughts, 50 strikes again on instagram. Rick Ross is in 50’s hot seat yet again, check out the caption and let’s see if you comprehend.

It’s no secret that rapper Rick Ross was just incarcerated on some pretty wild charges. Charges including kidnapping. Here we have a picture of 50 cent and his friend Jonathan. He claims Jonathan was “kidnapped and assaulted , he has chipped teeth from being pistol whipped”. Well that scenario sounds very oddly familiar. Could this be the same guy who pressed charged on Rick Ross?

” I can’t imagine how bad that hurt, wait I bet it hurts like being a Co/Rapper in Jail. This not me this Kanan” 50 cent implying he is acting as his character from the hit show “Power”, Kanan. I’m pretty sure there’s not too many difference between Curtis & Kanan, but he has to be striking a nerve when it comes to Rick Ross and Diddy. Since 50 cent stepped on the scene he has yet to be approached or put in his place. Fans are all commenting stating he is using tactics from 48 Laws of Power and other books about squashing your opponent. Even Battle Rapper Daylyte commented and called 50 cent “God”

The Dutchess Of Jersey