Chris Brown is making things very clear, he will not be losing his daughter in what seems to be an on-going custody battle with his baby mama, Nia Guzman. Guzman has declared that Chris is irresponsible and not suited to take care of their one year-old daughter Royalty.

Since his home was invaded, Breezy has taken great measures to prove that he’s a good father as well as responsible enough to take of baby Royalty. He’s gone to great lengths to prepare for the upcoming custody battle with Guzman. This includes setting strict rules on his ‘One Hell of a Night Tour.’

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Chris Brown is set to face off in court with his baby mama Nia Guzman in a nasty custody battle in the next two weeks. Chris wants joint custody and has made it clear he will do anything it takes to get it. The “Loyal” singer has set strict rules for his tour and has warned all dancers, crew and entourage if there’s any screw ups that could jeopardize the hearing their out!

According to sources close to Breezy, he’s hired five new body guards for the tour, one specifically just to keep an eye on his money and jewels. He’s also implemented a new rule that no one will be permitted backstage access unless they know Chris. He wants things to be kept clean and if not they will be sent home.

Hopefully, this will be enough for a good outcome in court. Good luck, Breezy.

Source TMZ