(Video) 16-Year-Old In Custody After Stabbing Self And 5 Others

A 16-year-old is now in custody after he stabbed himself and 5 others while in a locker room. He stabbed himself and the other classmates while using a knife with a 3-inch blade. The incident occurred as the students were getting ready for their morning gym class.

Chris Brown Destroys Nia Guzman In Court Over Custody For Royalty

Chris Brown has been at bat to not lose seeing his daughter, Royalty, by the hands of his baby’s mother Nia Guzman. She’s tried to literally take away everything from him and the judge isn’t having it. Chris just came out with a big W and an even bigger L for Nia.

(Video) 4 Children Dead, Mom In Custody

As if the world isn’t crazy enough, something crazier pops up everyday. Four children were found dead in their apartment complex. The mother has been taken into custody.

Another One: Canadian Student In Custody After Stabbing Eight People

This is so out of hand….everyday there’s a new story about someone going crazy on society and just trying to kill people. What is going on….hit the jump.

Chris Brown Sets Strict Rules On Tour In Preparation For Custody Hearing

Chris Brown is making things very clear, he will not be losing his daughter in what seems to be an on-going custody battle with his baby mama, Nia Guzman. Guzman has declared that Chris is irresponsible and not suited to take care of their one year-old daughter Royalty. Since his home was invaded, Breezy has taken great measures to prove that he’s a good father as well as responsible enough to take of baby Royalty. He’s gone to great lengths to prepare for the upcoming custody battle with Guzman. This includes setting strict rules on his ‘One Hell of a Night Tour.’ Read more below.

Nia Guzman Is Fighting Just As Hard As Chris Brown; She Speaks Out Against Involvement In Criminal Activity

Just a few short months ago, Chris Brown was a regular ol’ R&B bad boy and then … BOOM … he became a father to a 9-month-old (at the time) overnight. Now, what is suppose to be a joyful time with baby Royalty, is full of court dates and social media slamming. After Guzman decided to ask the courts to order Brown to pay $15,000 in child support, the new daddy is coming into court with guns blazing. Brown is saying that Guzman doesn’t need a full $15K; why? CB is hoping to get joint custody of his daughter. His argument is simple; Guzman frequents the criminal circuit. Specifically, King Ba – the guy known as Royalty’s “other dad” – a man that is wanted for a serious bank scam. Guzman says if that’s all CB has, he’s going to loose. She opens up about the recent allegations of criminal activity. Find out more down bottom.

Chris Brown Plans To Win In Court Against His Baby Mama By Pointing Out THIS Key Factor!

Breezy is NOT playing around when it comes to his daughter, Royalty. It has been a back and forth rivalry between Chris Brown and his baby mama, Nia Guzman, for quite some time now. Although CB seems to be fulfilling his role as an active dad, Guzman is not satisfied. She’s taking him to court to 1) try to get full custody and only leave Breezy with MONITORED visitation and 2) increase his child support payments from $2,500 (which he’s paying now) to $15,000/ per MONTH.

It’s Their Time: Chris Brown Goes At It With His Daughter’s Grandmother & Nia Steps In

Although he was not publicly in his daughter’s life until about five months ago, Chris Brown is bringing in the courts. #IFWT reported that his daughter’s mother Nia was seeking $15,000 a month in child support. However, before he makes any financial moves, Chris filed paternity documents seeking to gain joint custody of the little girl. While he’s spending as much time as possible with daughter Royalty, there’s still something that the little girl is missing, according to her grandmother. Find out more down bottom.

Petty Crocker: Tyga Says Blac Chyna Is Just Mad She Can’t Have Him But Kylie Can!

When couples split and there is a child involved, it usually ends pretty nasty. In the case of Blac Chyna & Tyga, things are just now starting to heat up and turn ugly real fast. After Tyga made his love affair public with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner, Blac Chyna felt a type of way and decided his relationship with a minor is unhealthy for their son Cairo to be around. However, Tyga says BC is just simply bitter because he no longer wants to be with her and is happily in love with Kylie, hence why Chyna is fighting for full custody. Sources close to Tyga says nobody has any ammo against him to say he’s a bad dad, but he believes that BC cares more about twerking than raising their son. As of now, the former couple does not have an actual court agreement regarding their visitation and custody situation with Cairo, but it seems like they’ll both be making a trip to court VERY soon.

(Photos) Dame Dash Loses Children After Brutal Custody Battle

Divorce is never easy but when kids are involved, the levels of #messy can pile up. Sad news as Hip Hop mogul Dame Dash Loses Children After Brutal Custody Battle with ex-wifey Rachel Roy.

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