Deputy Brian Bussell, a 25- year veteran of Butler County in Ohio, found a woman with her two children located in the Butler County police station. What he did next was a prime example of how public servants express benevolent energy towards their fellow community residents.

Police Officer Rents Hotel Room For Homeless Family

When he left the area and returned, he noticed the two children sleeping while the mother was sitting up awake. He instantly knew they were in need of assistance, so he offered a helping hand.

Once he investigated the reason for the family present at the precinct, he learned the family was recently evicted and had nowhere to go.

So out of the kindness of his heart, he rented a hotel room for the family for 10 days, and even took them on Walmart shopping spree, telling them to pick out any clothing or shoes they wanted.

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones said, “This is a true act of kindness. He did not tell anyone at work what he had done but the lady took a picture with him and posted it on Facebook. That’s actually how we found out. It was shared so many times that I got a phone call asking if I knew what a generous gesture my deputy did. I am pleased that he was able to help this family out.”

Police Officer Rents Hotel Room For Homeless Family

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