NBA: Woman Says She Booked Secret Flights & Hotel For ‘Numerous Women’ After Kevin Durant Sues Her

IFWT_KD flights

IF this story is true, Kevin Durant should have known better.  It’s probably not a good idea to sue someone that knows things that you don’t want the public to know.  KD filed a lawsuit against his travel agent, Lynn Swanson, saying she overcharged him by at least $500,000 for work she did from 2007 to 2012.  Well she sang like a canary about Durant & his team because of it.  Hit the jump for details…

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A Texas Man Leaves Weed In His Denver Hotel Room And Gets Charged WHAT?!?!


A guy named Luis, from Texas, had a pretty nice stay in Denver. You know why. But when he got back home, he noticed that he was billed an additional $200 from the hotel he stayed in, the Hyatt Place Denver/Cherry Creek. After calling the hotel to find out why, he learned that it was because of a particular smell left behind. HIT the jump for more info.

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NBA: Hmmm, Interesting! Terrence Ross Talks Groupies Waiting In Hotel Lobbies For Players


If you’re a fan of the NFL & NBA, you hear stories all the time about players and groupies.  This story from Raptors baller Terrence Ross is a little surprising to hear & I’m not sure if I believe it.
During an ”Ask Me Anything” segment on Reddit, Ross was asked, ”How do you best avoid the women who hang out in hotel lobbies waiting for NBA players (gold-diggers). Did any of the vets advise you in this matter?”
Check out his answer…

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(Graphic Photo) Whoa! 37-Year-Old Man Jumps Off Of The “W” Hotel To His Death!!


Shortly before 7:30 AM, a 37-year-old Brooklyn man jumped from the roof of the famed W Hotel where he plunged to his death, landing on the roof a a Broadway theater. As of now, investigators are trying to figure out how the man gained access to the hotel roof. Hit the jump to see pics from the crime scene.

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NBA: Yuck! Dennis Rodman Is Disgusting For What He Did In His Hotel In North Korea!

IFWT_Rodman N Korea 1

Well we already knew that Dennis Rodman had some “issues” while in North Korea, but now reports are coming out about his behavior in the hotel he stayed at.  I know things can get out of control when you’re drinking, but really?!  SMH.  Just embarrassing.  Hopefully he’s getting the help he needs in rehab.
Details after the jump…

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(PHOTO) NBA: The Thirst Is Real. Groupie Laying on Bed Sneaks Picture of Paul George In His Hotel Room


C’mon Paul, you’re better than this!  She caught you slippin’! SMH. Derek Jeter had the right idea when he banned all cameras & cell phones from his mansion and this is the exact reason why.  Some groupie wanted her friends to know that she was in Paul George’s hotel room (more specifically his bed), so she snapped a pic while his back was turned to her.  I know it’s hard to control, but fellas — you gotta be smarter than this.  Check it out…

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SMH: Want To Rent A ‘Hotel’ Room In The Projects Of New York City?


Looking for a place to stay? Public-housing residents are renting rooms to strangers. They are making extra money over the holidays while taxpayers fund their apartments. Several ads for nightly or monthly sublets were posted on Craigslist last week. One of them was including a $650 room in Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay Houses. The ad claimed, “Huge room available immediately in a 3-bedroom apartment for rent,” the ad says. “Females only . . . no drugs, no smoking, no drama.” The tenant of the room listed a cellphone number and a New York City Housing Authority address. They declared that two people could also share the room for $350 each. That’s an extra $7,800 a year in the pocket of someone who is living on the public dime. Horrible!

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Justin Bieber Required To Sign Waiver For Hotel Stay

Justin Bieber’s wild antics as of late are no secret, and a New Zealand hotel hosting him and his entourage are taking no chances when it comes to what he may do: Langham Hotel in Auckland made JB sign a prohibiting bad behavior prior to his stay!

“Justin will be thrown out if doesn’t follow the rules,” an insider revealed. “They don’t care who he is. His management were made to sign a contract, which included a long list of demands, stopping him from partying and disturbing other guests.”

Also included in the contract is no female visitors to the hotel, and not eating in the main areas. Though many may feel it would be easier for the Biebs to just find a better hotel, it turns out that it was one of the few in the area that could accommodate his security needs, so they were forced to agree. Let’s see if he can hold up to his end of the bargain!

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What Is He Gonna Do?? Justin Bieber Gets Kicked Out Of Hotel In Brazil & Has Nowhere To Go!


No love for Bieber in Brasil?? Well the girls damn sure love him, but hotel security for numerous hotels in the area do not! Earlier this week, we reported about Bieber’s fans going crazy and destroying hotel property. Well seems his hotel has had enough and they are not alone. Now he is halfway across the world with nowhere to go. Hit the jump for more.

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Florida Inmates Caught In Panama City Hotel?!?!


Two Florida inmates who were mistakingly released from a prison, were arrested earlier today in a motel, hit the jump for more detail!

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