Back in 2006 when he was a point guard for the New York Knicks, Stephon Marbury released a signature sneaker that retailed for just $15.  It sold pretty well but drifted away along with Marbury’s career in the NBA.  Since then, Marbury has become a mega star in China winning multiple championships and even having a statue made in his honor.  Now Marbury is ready to bring his signature sneaker back and wants to keep it at the low cost of $15 unlike some other former and current NBA players.

According to Marbury he’s following God’s plan and creating affordable sneakers to people and young kids who’s mother isn’t able to afford $200+ Jordans and LeBrons.

Marbury took to his Twitter account and gave an unfiltered opinion about Michael Jordan saying the NBA legend doesn’t care about kids literally dying for his shoes and that he’s been “robbing the hood”.  His followers also brought up LeBron James, who has the second most popular sneaker behind Jordan.  According to Marbury, LeBron is just a follower.

Marbury says the shoes are made for $5 in China and the companies and players sell them for a huge markup.

He totally has a point but it’s not going to stop people from buying Jordans and LeBrons; for many people it’s all about just being able to say that you have them.  Pretty sad…

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