Not only is he a little bit cuckoo cuckoo for coco [or shall I say Ashanti] stuff, but Devar Hurd seems to be invincible when it comes down to the charge of felony stalking. For the second time, Hurd has endured a mistrial is the accused incident.

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Last year, a mistrial took place after a juror got sick. This go-round, jurors could not collectively decide on a guilty verdict.

For two years now, Hurd, 36, has been in prison on a $750,000 bond for stalking (allegedly) the “I Got It” R&B singer, Ashanti.

Hurd is accused of interacting with Ashanti’s family – even with restraining orders in place – and sending obscene text messages that made Ashanti feel “disgusted, disrespected” and “scared,” she testifies in a Manhattan Supreme Court on October 1.

While he skated by on a felony staking conviction, Hurd has been convicted on nine counts of misdemeanor criminal contempt, stalking and harassment for sending hundreds of sexually explicit tweets, according to Page Six.

Hurd, who has also represented himself in the court proceedings requested that be released without bail, arguing, “They haven’t proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt, and clearly there’s no reason why I wouldn’t come to court.” However, the judge was not hearing that.

For the convicted charges, he stands to be given two years, which he’s already completed.

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