Earlier today, T.I.’s interview with DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45 was posted on the web. As politics became a topic of convo between the Atlanta rapper and the DJ, Tip shared his thoughts on a woman (like Hillary Clinton) running for President:

“Not to be sexist, but I can’t vote for the leader of the free world to be a woman. Just because every other position that exists, I think a woman could do well. Every other position. But the president, I just know that women make rash decisions emotionally and later they make very permanent cemented decisions and then later, it’s kinda like, it didn’t happen or they didn’t mean for it to happen. I sure would hate to just set off a nuke.”

Naturally, this was not taken kindly by the social media world, and almost immediately, Tip has issued an apology for his apathetic statements.

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“My comments about women running for president were unequivocally insensitive and wrong,” Tip tweeted today. “I sincerely apologize to everyone I offended.”

DJ Whoo Kid has since removed the video, but it lives on via WSHH. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts!