It appears those off the field issues for Adrian Peterson are a thing of the past because things are right back to normal. He is running the ball pretty well, fans are cheering for him like he never left and he is still being thrown endorsement deals. Peterson recently revealed that he has signed with Adidas.


Peterson actually wore Adidas gear back in his MVP year of 2012 but he did that with no deal in place. In wasn’t long after that he signed with Nike but as you might remember, AP really wasn’t feeling any love from them during his off the field situations. They eventually terminated his contract when he plead no contest to misdemeanor charges.

Now that Peterson is back on the field and playing well — he was leading the NFL in rushing before the Vikings’ Week 5 bye — sponsors are evidently beginning to warm back up to him. Peterson, though, said he isn’t concerned at this point with how many endorsements come his way.

“I get a couple texts from my marketing guy, saying different things,” Peterson said. “But I’ll look at it and go on about my day. It’s not really a big deal, to be honest with you. I’m with Adidas now, and that’s well. But mostly, I’m focusing on football and handling business. Everything else will work out.”

He should just focus on football like he said because he knows all too well these brands and corporations only care about you when they can make money with you.