(Video) NFL: Adrian Peterson Who??

Photo Credit Check out the video of a local Fox (of course) Houston newsperson interviewing THEE Adrian Peterson about road-rage but has NOOOO idea. It’s quite interesting.

NFL: He’s Back! Adrian Peterson Announces He Will Play This Sunday

photo gallery Adrian Peterson is not the same type of human as you and I. Despite tearing his meniscus earlier this season in week two, the Minnesota Vikings running back announced today during a radio interview that he will be on the field this Sunday against the Colts.

(Video) NFL: Adrian Peterson Says He Wants to Break the Rushing Record Next Season

If you think Adrian Peterson is ready to retire he’ll give you the “dumbass” face.  He’s not ready to hang up his cleats at all, in fact, he’s looking to be better than ever.

NFL: Adrian Peterson On Teddy Bridgewater “He Reminds Me Of Tom Brady”

Talk about a reach! Teddy Bridgewater is definitely a solid, young quarterback, who might still develop into an elite passer but he is by no means in the same category as say a Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Cam Newton or Tom Brady. Don’t tell that to his star running back, Adrian Peterson though because he seems to see something in Bridgewater that reminds him of Brady.

NFL: Man Convicted Of Murdering Adrian Peterson’s Son Sentenced To Life In Prison

Joseph Patterson, the man convicted of murdering the two year old son of Adrian Peterson, was sentenced to life in prison yesterday. Even during the proceedings, Patterson still maintained his innocence.

NFL: Adrian Peterson Says He Has Signed With Adidas After Nike Terminated Their Deal Last Year

It appears those off the field issues for Adrian Peterson are a thing of the past because things are right back to normal. He is running the ball pretty well, fans are cheering for him like he never left and he is still being thrown endorsement deals. Peterson recently revealed that he has signed with Adidas.

NFL: Adrian Peterson Says It Felt Good to Be Back But Embarrassed By Performance

Though it’s been a year since Adrian Peterson has played in the NFL, expectations for the Minnesota Vikings rose based on his return.  Unfortunately things didn’t go so well during their season opener.

NFL: Woman Claiming to Carry Adrian Peterson’s 9th Child Has Miscarriage But Still Wants Money

Sad news for the woman who claimed she was pregnant with Adrian Peterson’s 9th kid, she reportedly had a miscarriage but she still wants a check from Peterson.

NFL: Woman Claims to Have Adrian Peterson’s 9th Child & Wants $1.9 Million Child Support Settlement

Seriously Adrian Peterson, wrap it up! There’s a chance he’s on baby #9.  A massage therapist who claims she was knocked up by Peterson has asked for $1.9 MILLION to care for the kid for 18 years, but the NFL star has fired back with a big, fat “NO DEAL.”

NFL: Adrian Peterson Says He’s the ‘LeBron James of the NFL’

Who’s the LeBron James of the NFL?  Well Adrian Peterson is back in the league, and he’s back to asserting himself as the league’s best running back.

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