It appears the city of Oakland could issue a fine after a neighbor complained about a church. The city of Oakland sent a letter warning the church of noise infractions and what the future could mean for the group.

Oakland Church Could Be Fined Because Of Choir Music

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church has served residents in West Oakland for 65 years. Pastor Thomas A. Harris III says he was surprised to learn he could face an initial fine of $3,529, followed by $500-per-day penalties, for the “joyful noise” of choir practice. This was due to a complaint made by a resident to local government, so officials investigated, which then turned into an official warning notification to the church.

The complaint sent to the city claims the loud music sometimes lasts until 2 in the morning but Harris says rehearsal ends at 9 a.m.
Harris said, “This is strange,” adding that it’s “quite unheard of for a church to be fined because of joyful noise.”

City spokeswoman Karen Boyd says the letter was a courtesy notice and that she hasn’t received any more complaints.

Oakland Church Could Be Fined Because Of Choir Music