A Latino protestor was attacked at a campaign rally Donald Trump held in Miami because he was yelling pro-immigration messages. The crowd chanted “USA!” as he was knocked to the ground.

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Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Miami at the Trump National Miami Doral Resort where at least three separate groups protested yelling out pro-immigration messages. Ariel Rojas, a FIU senior, was among the crowd of protesters when he was picked out of the bunch.

Rojas’ protested with a group of 8 others holding up letter that spelled out the word E-Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y. Rojas, who was holding the letter Q said a Trump supporter standing in front of him turned around, snatched his sign, and ripped it to pieces. Soon after the attack ensued that sent the college senior to the ground and out of the door.

Campaign staff say the man who dragged Rojas was “merely an attendee” at the rally and is not a Trump campaign staffer nor an employee of the Trump Resort.

Is this what our country is honestly considering for presidency? Will we become a place where you’re beaten and dragged for speaking up? Well that kind of already happens, but an attack at a presidential election doesn’t promote much optimism for the future or for change.

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