Still going with the falsely accused story, Suge Knight and comedian Katt Williams plead not guilty to the September 2014 robbery incident that included Leslie Redden, a photographer who claims the two stole her camera.

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Redden accuses Suge call her a “b**ch” and “angrily advancing towards her” in an attempt to take her camera, but Katt added insult to injury when he and an unknown woman stopped her from leaving.

Suge’s attorney Thomas Mesereau says that the woman was trying get pictures of his son and that he just wanted to stop the process.

“The only evidence that exists is he didn’t want his son photographed,” Mesereau said. “Any father would have acted as he did.”

Williams and Knight appeared in a Los Angeles court Tuesday morning, and let the judge know that they were taking no parts in anything guilty. The pleas were re-entered following Superior Court Judge Ronald S. Coen’s decision, two weeks prior, that they shall stand trial for the theft.

While Williams is a co-defendant in this incident [punitively as well], Knight is who the judge really has his eyes on. After his last court appearance became a podium for birthday shout outs to his son.

“If he does it again, I will shackle his hands to a chair,” judge Coen said.

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SOURCE: Page Six