DAMN! Suge Knight has had a life filled of nothing but troubles … caused by himself. Not even a full day after hearing that the controversial hip-hop mogul was the number one name in the a wrongful death lawsuit, filed by the widow of Terry Carter, we get the news that he is being sued again; this time around, Katt Williams is his co-defendant.

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Back in September, Suge and funny man Katt were involved in an altercation with female photographer, Leslie Redden. Allegedly, the two bullied the woman into deleting pictures from her camera, and then, stole it; which led to Katt’s arrest on October 29. According to the comedian, the photographer was telling pure lies, and she was the one engaging in inappropriate behavior.

In her lawsuit, Redden says that not only did Suge call her a “b**ch” and “angrily advance towards her”, but Katt added insult to injury when he and an unknown woman stopped her from leaving.

Prone on the ground, Redden says she feared for her life. Redden claims the assault left her with severe injuries to her neck, back and head as well as a dislocated finger.

Redden is suing Suge Knight and Katt Williams for damages due to assault, battery, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, conversion and defamation. Um, looks like this is the bully’s last ho-rah.

Check out the Hollywood Reporter for the lawsuit documents.