It looks like it isn’t all fun and games at the Playboy Mansion after all.

A man by the name of Michael Jed says he was attending the Playboy mansion’s Halloween bash back in 2013. He claims that the security guards approached him at the party because his wristband wasn’t legit. They placed him under citizen’s arrest until the police arrived. After waiting an entire hour for 5-0 to show up, Jed tried to make a run for it but was not successful in doing so.

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According to reports, Jed “suffered trauma to his spine, bruises, contusions and sprains to his neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs and wrists” after the security guards beat the life out of him.

To make matters worse, he was STILL arrested but was let loose after they decided to not press charges.

He’s currently suing for unspecified damaged including loss of earnings, according to reports.

Source: TMZ