Dior, Puma, Stance Socks, ect. ect. and now Samsung for $25 million; Rihanna is money magnificent. The multi-talented Caribbean girl has signed the deal with the electronic company to sponsor her upcoming album, ANTI and tour.

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According to the NY Post, this deal between Rihanna and Samsung has been in the works for seven months. Jay Z and the manager he shares with RiRi, Jay Brown, played a huge role in the inking of the deal. Earlier this month, Jay was spotted leaving the Samsung office, which caused talk of a TIDAL sell, but that wasn’t the case.

While Samsung will help Rihanna’s ANTI album, she will in turn be used to promote its Galaxy products and the company will also have exclusive use of “Rihanna-related video content to release via its Milk Music radio service,” sources tell the Post.

Hmm … $25 MILLION. Do you know what type of promotion I would do for $1 million let alone $25? Lol.