Halloween costumes are not always scary since a lot of people rather go as celebrities. We have seen a million Nicki Minaj costumes and this year a few Beyonce’s. Rapper Lil Jon was in for a big surprise when he saw a costume that resembled himself , find out his reaction.

When Lil Jon was out scoping out Halloween Costumes he noticed a costume that really resembled him. Only it didn’t read Lil Jon the costume read The Party King. I’m still trying to find out if he was joking or not but he asked if we thought he should sue. What do you think, is that Lil Jon or every Party King down South.

Another interesting replica costume came in the form of Rick Ross. No literally like someone made a shirt to look like the body shape and form of Rick Ross. The internet has no mercy on anyone and we hope it is all taken in good humor and in the spirit of a Happy Halloween.

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