Kobe Bryant has been struggling this season after dealing with multiple injuries the past couple seasons.  He was angry with himself and his performance saying that he “sucks”, calling himself the 200th best player in the league and that he just can’t hit a shot.  LeBron James isn’t taking Bryant’s struggles as seriously and had some interesting comments when asked.

James laughed when asked about Bryant’s poor performance and harsh self-criticism and told the Akron Beacon Journal, “He knows he don’t suck.”

“What I see is a challenge to himself,” James told the newspaper. “It has zero to do with his age. Zero. I think at one point in my career, in my 20s, I felt like I sucked. It’s all a personal challenge.”

James isn’t worried about Bryant.

“I know him. He knows he don’t suck,” James said. “C’mon, man, it’s Kobe Bryant. But it’s a personal challenge to him. That’s all that is.”

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source: ESPN