No criminal activity, no suspicion of wrongdoing, just cops wandering around, opening car doors and seizing valuables. But they’re doing it for “you”. Police in Connecticut announce a new plan to open unlocked vehicles and seize valuable items. Hit the jump to see why.

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Officers in East Rock (CT) are starting a pilot program. “Cars will be checked for visible valuables,” said New Haven City Spokesperson Laurence Grotheer.

If the police see a valuable in a car that is unlocked then they will take it to the police station and leave a note in the car.

Honestly, people will be better off having their valuables taken by the police rather than by criminals. However, what gives cops the right to enter vehicles and take items for no reason? The city’s spokesperson says it’s built right into warrant exception statutes.

“There is an exemption in standard search warrant provisions to allow for this caretaker action,” said Grotheer.

Hopefully this idea doesn’t spread to other states, as I can foresee many problems with this new law.