So apparently the first thing you do when you get released from jail is throw a party…. in a complete stranger’s home! Kit Thompson wasn’t invited to the party but it was in his home! After staying a few nights out to be by his sick mothers side, he came home to find two men sleeping in his bed.

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Jaquel Fleming had just been released from jail. He decided he wanted to celebrate being a newly free’d man with his friend Keilow Roudtree. Instead of going to a bar or somewhere public, they go to Thompson’s house and had a five day release party! Boy! that was some party!

When Thompson came home to find the men in his bed, he immediately called the police. The men refused to exit the house which resulted in police pulling out the K-9’s. Thompson’s home had $4,000 worth of damage done to it.

Thomas gave a statement saying,

“I walked in 6 or 8 steps, took a look to my left, and there’s two guys sleeping in my bed. So, I promptly turned right around walked out the door and called 911.”

Thompson’s neighbor saw that men but never called the police !

Fleming is not a stranger in Polk County. He has been arrested seven times for firearm, burglary, theft, possession, resisting arrest and grand theft of a motor vehicle. His most recent arrest was for burglary. Im sorry this has to go in the books for the dumbest things done by criminals.

Source: Complex