Tech: Is Verizon Being Sabotaged By Their Union Strikers?!

Verizon has been reporting incidents of network sabotage in areas where former workers are on strike!

(Video) Ed Sheeran Raps To Eminem’s “Criminal”

Okay Ed Sheeran! During a recent interview, Sheeran shows off his not so pretty rap skills as he spits a few acapella lines to Eminem’s “Criminal.” Sheeran is no rapper but the effort was definitely there, I guess we can give him an A for that.

(Photos) Really…? Florida Criminals Throw ‘Jail Release Party’ In Stranger’s Home

So apparently the first thing you do when you get released from jail is throw a party…. in a complete stranger’s home! Kit Thompson wasn’t invited to the party but it was in his home! After staying a few nights out to be by his sick mothers side, he came home to find two men sleeping in his bed.

(Video) Political Groups Gather At House Of Representatives For Criminal Justice Reform

An eclectic group of political people gathered on Thursday to introduce various criminal justice reform legislation in the House of Representatives.

(18+ Photos) Actress Yvonne Strahovski From “24” Responds To Leaked Nudes; Says They’re Fake, Are They?!

I’m a little skeptical, I’ve been checking out Ms. Strahovski since “Chuck”, she’s sexy as hell, but these ‘alleged’ Leaked Nudes(from the infamous iCloud Hacker) don’t show her face, like when the pics of Kaley Cuoco, Meagan Good, Rihanna, Kim K., Jennifer Lawrence, Amber Rose…Well Amber kinda leaked her own, and these alleged Nicki’s could go either way, but these Yvonne’s, I’m just not sure!!

(Video) Logging Into FB While Burglarizing Makes You The ‘World’s Dumbest Thief’!!

This guy is like a super genius, IF he was really looking to get locked up with an NO defense!! A 26 year old Minnesota man, Nicholas Wig, broke into a home on June 19th, and while there decided he had the run of the house, logged into his Facebook page, and forgot to log out when he left!!

Chris Brown Treated Like A MAJOR Criminal… Exactly What He DIDN’T Want!

Chris Brown has just been scooped up by federal marshals on what will be one of the longest journeys of his life. Sources connected with the case claim Chris is on his way to a federal holding facility in San Bernardino to begin his long trip to Washington D.C. In D.C., he will stand trial for assault. Later today Chris will board a airplane — guarded by U.S. Marshals and appropriately restrained. A NON-stop flight! There are so many stops he probably won’t get there until Sunday. These flights go through Oklahoma, with stops along the way to pick up other prisoners. Chris will be in D.C. for a hearing Monday where his lawyer, Mark Geragos, will try to get the charges dismissed because he believes prosecutors inappropriately used the grand jury to gain an unfair advantage in the criminal case. Crazy thing is, if Geragos loses, Chris will sit in a D.C. jail facility until his D.C. trial begins on April 17.

Auto:(Video) Dirty Used Car Dealer Punches A Reporter In The Face!!

This reporter gets punched in the face for attempting to do a good job. Richard Wilder, 43 of Georgia has been convicted numerous times of fraud and theft by deception among other charges related to shady practices owning used car dealerships. This past September, he was given a cease and desist order for operating a used car dealership without a license. Instead of doing what he was told , he and his family just moved to a new location in a different town in Georgia. This Atlanta area reporter found out the shady dealership was operating again and went to investigate. The convicted man was not there, but his father sure was. The way the attempted interview went , the reporter might of wished the actual owner was there instead. Watch the video after the jump.

(Photos)Criminal With Tattooed Eye Arrested After Shooting A Cop!

Jason Barnum has been arrested after robbing homes and shooting at cops.  He has his entire face tattooed including his eyeball.  Hit the jump for the pics. It is believed he was high on heroine during the shooting and crime spree. Steph B

Wal-Mart Greeter Gets A Painful Response After Asking For Customer’s Receipt

A greeter who kindly asked for the customer’s receipt was just doing his job as he gets the total opposite, find out how this customer may get sued once he is found! Biz Baby

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