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You all know it was a matter of time for people to start attacking some celebrity during this time of mourning, and some people find any way to do so. Marjorie Harvey posted a picture on Instagram that was suppose to be in paying homage for the victims of the recent Paris attacks, however, some felt it was more of an opportunity to use the attacks to push her own agenda: her looks/brand. The verdict seems to be 50/50, read more and make your decision on it all.

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Our hearts and prayers continue to go out to paris, in hopes that they can start recovering and pick up all the broken hearts on the floor following that evenings horrific event. Countless people have been going out their way to show support the best way they can at the moment and truly brings both tear of sadness and happiness to the eyes of many. However, some believe that there may be a lot of wolves with sheep clothing on – appearing to care for the cause when really they’re trying to achieve a “come-up” off the situation. It seems that Marjorie Harvey is now facing part of this backlash, although the question is, is this a justified backlash or people wanting to make nothing into something? She posted a picture of herself next to the Eiffel Tower and people felt it was way to “model-like” and unnecessary, while others felt it was her way of showing the beauty and good side of Paris in an attempt to remind people of it’s beauty instead of dwelling on its sadness at the moment. Look at the photo/post yourself and you decide, righteous or ridiculous?