Anonymous recently released the names of KKK members, a list that included senators and government leaders. They make it their job to expose and deconstruct anyone they see as immoral. So, after the France killings Anonymous declared war on ISIS. Already, they shut down close to 4000 social media accounts of ISIS fans. Hit the jump for a deeper explanation of the situation.

Emma Rabid: Twitter ~ Instagram

For anyone living under a rock, the West and Middle East are currently about one more car bomb away from war. ISIS killed close to 400 people in France so far, completely unprovoked and merciless.

Meanwhile, Obama announced at G20 (an international diplomacy summit) that the U.S. will take Syrian refugees and contribute troops to fight ISIS attacks.

ISIS says they secretly declared a war on ISIS before the France attacks. They have information and research stored up on ISIS, so now Anonymous will use it.

Some people say Anonymous acts too hastily. Critics say Anonymous’ actions could provoke unwanted consequences. However, others applaud Anonymous’ vigilante persona. Tell us which side you’re on in the comments below.

Source: CBS