On guard!! Some guy was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after he was arrested by police for having an imaginary dual with himself inside the apple store. Oh boy. Hit the jump to read the story.

Frankie Zing

An unidentified sword-wielding man fought his imaginary arch enemy inside Apple’s spiral staircase this past Friday on Fifth Avenue, as terrified shoppers watched in awe.

The man walked up the spiral stairs, sat down, and than pretended to lunge forward in his engagement with the enemy.

Apple security quickly tackled the man and turned him over the police custody, who than brought him to Bellevue Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Lol.

Lawyer and shop-goer, Nancy Birnbaum, thought this was an attack from ISIS and feared it was the beginning of another horrible act:

“His face looked a little contorted and twisted. I thought he was doing some sort of performance art, but then he pulls out this sword with a huge 2-foot-long blade and it was dead obvious that it was a real sword. I’ve never been so terrified in my entire life. I don’t know if he is from ISIS or wherever the heck he is from but I thought this is the beginning of some sort of horrible headline tomorrow.”

Hopefully this wasn’t some failed attempt from ISIS, as the man undergoes psychi evaluation.


Then the crazed samurai is arrested here: