(Video) New Surveillance Footage Shows Totally Different Story In Mike Brown Case

There has now been a surveillance video that has surfaced the web of 18-year-old Mike Brown just moments before he was gunned down by police. Police said Brown robbed a convience store but this video shows a totally different story.

(Video) Girl Pees on Store Counter After Being Denied Bathroom Key

You ever been to a store that you know has a bathroom and you asked to use it and they say they don’t have one? Or better yet they just deny you the bathroom key? Well you can do what this girl decided to do.

(Video) Convenient Store Calls The Cops On Jim Jones Because He Had Nothing Less Than $100 Bill

I guess when you have nothing less than big bills the cops must be called now-a-days huh? Crazy! In a recent video, we see Jim Jones walking into a convenient store and making a purchase. He then gets into it with the employee’s because he had nothing less than a $100 bill.

(Video) Drunk Driver Strikes 6-Year-Old While In A Convenience Store

Could you imagine, being in a convenience store, just minding your business when a drunk driver crashes into you? A 79-year-old by the name of Marion Smith plead guilty to driving while intoxicated as her car crashed into a store.

(Video) Man Armed With A Sword Gets Arrested At Apple Store

On guard!! Some guy was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after he was arrested by police for having an imaginary dual with himself inside the apple store. Oh boy. Hit the jump to read the story.

Apple Employee Caught Scamming $1M In Gift Cards!

This guy….so if you’re an Apple employee and you’re looking for extra benefits, this is probably NOT the way!! a Former Apple Employee Caught Scamming an Apple store, took it upon himself to scam using the Apple gift cards to racked up $997K in fraudulent purchases, and it only took him 3 months!!

(Video) California Target Store Blasted For Playing Pornographic Scene Throughout Store

An outlandish incident occurred in a Bay Area store this week as parents, children, employees, and others, all listened as a pornography scene played throughout the sounds systems in a California Target store. A parent, Bethany Curran, captured the incendiary act as people scrambled to fix the problem, some walked out the store and others videotape the craziness.

(Video) Deli Owner Who Posted “White History Month” Sign Out of Business

They say the melting pot we live in is a “free country” but the boundaries of freedom of speech are always being challenged. The Deli Owner Who Posted “White History Month” Sign Out of Business feels he’s lost his slice of the “American Dream” as punishment for wanting to celebrate his whiteness “just like everybody else.” #Valid or just nah???

(Photos) Jump The Line In VirginMega App For #FunkFlexAllStars [Secrets] vme.ga/funkflex

You think you ready for VirginMega, Ok, I’m not supposed to be telling everyone this info, but I felt like it was only right for all of this supporters that have asking for that #FunkFlexAllStars Gear that funk has been posting throughout the week!! Of course everything isn’t for everybody, but you’re about getting that new new, and technology, then this is for you!!!

(PHOTO) NFL: Sneakerheads Will Love This — Browns Star Joe Haden Opening Rare Kicks Store

Browns CB Joe Haden is such a huge sneakerhead that he just bought a store of his own & he’s having a massive grand opening party on Black Friday.  I bet he’s going to get all kinds of sales in there!! Sneakerheads don’t play when it comes to rare kicks! Hit the jump for a few details…

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