IFWT_Cam Newton dab

Whether he’s trolling all the haters or just really likes dabbing, I’m totally with Cam Newton.  People made a big deal about him dabbing after a touchdown during the Panthers win over the Titans.  Since then he’s continued to do it and danced with children, take that Rosemary Plorin!  Now he has special cleats for Turkey day.

According to TMZ Sports, the cleats were commissioned by Under Armour — which sponsors Cam — and designed by two artists, Dez Customs and Kreative Customs.

The artists were informed Cam wanted a special pair of custom kicks when he takes the field against the Cowboys.

The result? Imagery of Cam doing his signature moves dabbing and striking his Superman pose. The shoes also include the words “grateful” and “thankful.”

*photos in gallery above*

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