Kobe Bryant announced his retirement yesterday and as you can imagine, ticket prices for the Lakers games shot up but none more expensive than their last game at the Staples Center this season.

“Within 10 minutes of Kobe’s announcement, we had thousands of inquiries and sales,” said Harris Rosner, owner of Los Angeles-based VIP Tickets.

“This is definitely bigger than a guy like [Derek] Jeter and it’s bigger than [Michael] Jordan in the sense that Jordan was always so wishy-washy no one ever knew if it would really be the end,” said Patrick Ryan, co-owner of Houston-based ticket brokerage, The Ticket Experience.

In the two hours after Bryant’s announcement, the cheapest ticket to what would be his final game — April 13 versus the Utah Jazz at home in the Staples Center — went from $125 to $400.

My search on Stubhub revealed the cheapest tickets at around $500.

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source: ESPN