Meek Mill

We all know Meek Mill has been having quite the struggle with his probation, which stems all the way back to an incident from 2009. He’s gone back to jail once over it and is looking at a second time in the near future, and sources close to the situation are saying it’s because his probation officer is “obsessed” with the fact that she has a celebrity client!

“She keeps showing up to his community service, which is not common,” a source told PageSix. “She has 122 other cases, but she has it out for him. Probation is supposed to be a rehabilitative thing, but she will do anything to keep him on probation.”

It gets worse, though. Apparently the pair have a history dating back before her job and his fame, yet she won’t acknowledge personally knowing the rapper before taking his case.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

“She’s from his neighborhood and he had an altercation with her cousin Coo when they were younger,” the source revealed.

Meek has been trying to get her removed from his case since the start, but clearly, to no avail. How unfair is that? Proving further the woman’s immaturity, PageSix says:

A giggling Underwood first pretended to be someone else when we reached her for comment, but then ’fessed up it was her and wished us a happy holiday before directing us to call her boss, who did not comment.

Poor Meek!