Rick Ross x Lira Galore

Oh Lira, the drama just can’t leave you be!

A blogger who goes by the name of @therarolaeblog put it out there that Rick Ross is creepin’ with a chick who goes to Morgan. Now we’re not quite sure the status of Rozay and Lira Galore’s engagement, but we do know that this college student is (or was I should say) allegedly Lira’s “homegirl.”

Jazlana: Twitter || Instagram

Both Lira and her BFF Beanie Minaj went ham on the blogger girl via Twitter, trying to clown both her and Ross’ sidechick. “He needs to buy her a condo living in a dorm ain’t cutting it. Sign on the dotted line!” Lira’s friend tweeted.

Lira then followed up with her tweet that has already made it onto every bitter female’s Instagram page that ever got cheated on this morning. “Never be the b*tch he f*ckin w/ when I’m not f*ckin w him !”

WELP.. this is getting entertaining. Check all the tweets in the gallery.