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Kendrick Lamar is preparing to make his debut on PBS music series Austin City Limits today. The performance will be a hour long, in which Kendrick will perform his most important songs on his catalog. In a recent interview with Austin City Limits, Kendrick discusses his inspiration behind To Pimp A Butterfly. Hit the jump to watch the interview.

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Kendrick talked about the first time he realized he was good with words, and it was in the first grade!

As kids we used to log in journals. I was just fascinated by telling them how my day started…It was one particular word that I said in first grade, it was the word Audacity— and my teacher she pulled me to the corner and she told me ‘you know what that word means?’ And I told her the definition. And she was like ‘you’re a wordsmith you may not know it, but you’re in love with words.’ And ever since that moment I just love to write. It’s always been my favorite course in school English and Literature. I excelled to that and made that transform to poetry.

This man used the word audacity in the first grade! The guy was born to become a lyrical rapper.

Kendrick then talks about where he found inspiration for his latest album To Pimp A Butterfly. You can watch the full interview below and make sure to watch Kendrick latest legendary performance on Jimmy Fallon.