In Brooklyn this week 18 year old woman was raped at gun point by five men in a Brownsville playground. Three teenagers suspected of taking turns raping the 18 year old woman are in police custody tonight. The attack that took place Thursday night has many people from the Brownsville neighborhood are livid and wanting answers. Elected officials also questioned whether the police notified the public quickly enough after the attack, a suggestion that the Police Department strongly contested. Check out the rest of this story after the jump.

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Two teenage boys, a 14 and 15 year old, were turned into police custody today by their parents and a third 15 year old boy was also taken into custody. Charges against them were pending.

Police released a surveillance video of the young men walking into a Brooklyn deli before the attack took place. After the attack all of the suspects fled the scene before the young woman’s father could find help from police. Police said that five young men, one armed, approached the father and his daughter at Osborn Playground shortly after 9 p.m. Thursday night. The father and daughter told the police they had been at the playground drinking beer, a Police Department official said on Sunday. That official and the other law enforcement official spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a continuing investigation.

Many questions about the assault are being asked by many people from that Brownsville neighborhood. The father ran to get help, but the police official said it took him roughly 20 minutes to come upon two officers in a patrol car. By the time the father returned to the playground with the officers, the young men had each raped the woman and fled, the official said. In a area filled with public housing high rises, delis and other stores, it’s very unclear why the young woman’s father could not find help from people in the area. The Police Department said in a statement on Sunday night that no one called 911 in connection with the attack, and that the officers “immediately responded and located the victim” after being alerted by the father. They then called for a supervisor and an ambulance, which took the woman to Kings County Hospital Center for treatment.

Surveillance footage was obtained by police Sunday. Mateo Gomez who was working at the deli that the surveillance footage came from his shop and that he recognized the suspects as young men who came to the store most afternoons, sometimes stealing cakes and other snacks. “They’re bad boys,” he said, shaking his head.

Sunday morning a condom was found near the alleged crime scene near a smashed bottle of vodka in a secluded area of the playground. Many people who reside in that area have complained that the lights were rarely on at night. Ms.Pierce who lives in the area knows that the area is dangerous and already took precautions, carrying a small pocketknife for safety on her way to work past the playground. The New York City parks department said it was working with the Transportation Department, which maintains park lights, to inspect the lighting.

Mayor Bill de Balsio said he was “disgusted and extremely saddened by the horrific attack.” He added, “Every New Yorker in every neighborhood deserves to feel safe and protected.”

There are some residents that are extremely upset that it took a long period of time before the public was notified of the attack. “Why are we only just hearing about this yesterday?” said Kakeshia Taylor, 27, a mother of three. “This is breaking news. We need to know what’s happening in our neighborhood.”

Eric L. Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, said as a matter of public safety, the Police Department erred in not releasing details of the crime to the public until Saturday night, after nearly 48 hours had passed. Mr.Adams said

“The N.Y.P.D should have reported this immediately. You can’t have a You can’t have a crime of this magnitude and this level of savage behavior and not have the residents of that area become aware of what happened.”

A police department official said that the local precinct commander had reached out to local leaders about the attack on Friday. He also said that the police department releases public notice after finding and processing video or other leads.

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Source: Daily News