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The Brooklyn Nets are a total mess right now and their owner is a bit on the delusional side.  On Sunday it was announced that coach Lionel Hollins and general manager Billy King were fired amongst others and almost all of the firings were learned via news release.  For a while it was unclear who was even in charge in Brooklyn.  Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov made his first public remarks and they were a doozy.

Prokhorov – who famously declared his team would win a championship within five years of him purchasing it – said:

“I have to look at the reality.”

Then a few minutes later:

“I’m sure, for the next season, I hope we’ll be championship contender.”

Thus ended the brief era of realistic expectations Brooklyn.

The Nets are currently 10-27, devoid of talent and don’t have their own first-round pick until 2019.  Not exactly a bright future.

“Frankly speaking, I deserve championship now much more than six years ago,” Prokhorov said with a slight grin.

It’s often difficult with Prokhorov to tell where the joke ends and the delusion begins.

He spoke more earnestly about Brooklyn needing only a “small reset,” a phrase he used multiple times.  Prokhorov emphasized Brooklyn’s major cap space this summer, but nearly every team will have that – and a much clearer path to contention.


Their only imperative is not trading their limited future assets – Rondae Hollis-Jefferson,Chris McCullough and whatever picks they have left – for immediate help.

“I hope we will be back, not as a playoff team, as a championship contender,” Prokhorov said. “This is my only goal.”

My only response: Good Luck (Taken voice)


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