50 Cent
50 Cent has been going through it the past year from rap beefs to his financial status. Luckily for Fif, he still has some money in the piggy bank for now but he still had to file for bankruptcy because the funds just ain’t cutting it like the used to.

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Currently, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has a total of $7.4 million in his bank account and about $8.8 million in property holdings, totaling him out to $16M all together. At one point in time, he was worth a couple hundred million dollars from his rapping career, endorsements, business endeavors, movies and so on.

He sold his interest in Vitamin Water for somewhere between $60M-$100M, and that isn’t including the rest of his side hustles.

He still has more money than all of us, but he better think of something new and amazing to put out so he can re-up his funds right quick.

Source: TMZ