It is defiantly Yeezy season right now. The last few weeks Kanye has been gaining tremendous amount of buzz for his new album Waves. SNL has just confirmed Kanye will be hitting the SNL stage on February 13th! Hit the jump for more.

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The timing of the performance will be perfect for the promotion of Waves. Kanye is set to release Waves on February 11th, and then he will be hitting the SNL stage two days later. The last time Kanye was on SNL, was a year ago when he performed Wolves with Vic Mensa and Sia. Wolves is set to be the last track on Waves.

Kanye has defiantly thought out the promotion for the album. Now all we can do is hope that the music reaches the same level.

Hit the gallery to see SNL’s official tweet confirming Kanye performing on the 13th.