This has been one hell of a week for Blac Chyna. She has been making the headlines left and right. Between her dating Rob Kardashian to her getting arrested at an airport yesterday, she is definitely the talk of the internet. We sense a little bit of shade being thrown at Chyna by Rob’s sister Khloe. I mean this isn’t the first we’ve heard of the Kardashian family not being to fond of the Chyna relationship. We even heard Khloe threw her brother out of her house for it.

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Chyna was recently arrested for public intoxication and also for drug possession. It seems as though Khloe Kardashian took it upon herself to put her two cents in on the Chyna trouble.
She took to Twitter last night and tweeted ,

Damn!! On a Friday kid!!!

The Kardashians are not too fond of the Chyna and Rob relationship. They claim that Chyna use to harass Kylie back when her and Tyga first broke up. They feel like their brother is going against their family. Rob seems to be pretty happy with Chyna. LAstnight Chyna posted a “#FreeBlacChyna” post and her caption was

“When Zaddy holds u down no matter what ?☘”

Rob even posted a FaceTime call between him and Chyna. This story is just going to get messier and messier.

Source: Complex